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Power Injector (F100549)Power Injector (F100549)

A power injector, injects 12v from the tvLINK power pack (see accessories) onto the input cable of a LoftBox, or tvLINK amplifier, where remote powering is required.

Price:  £5.36 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Power Pack (F700010)Power Pack (F700010)

The power pack is required in those situations where a tvLINK amplifier is being used without a Sky digibox.

It is also required when a Amp Adder is being used.

Please note that the 8 way amplifier/splitter is supplied with its own power supply.

Price:  £11.79 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

DIP2-DC (F002900)DIP2-DC (F002900)

The Dip2-DC is an external diplexor, used for combining satellite and terrestrial signals onto one coaxial cable.

This product can be used in conjunction with a tvLINK.

Price:  £12.45 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

DIP2 (F002900-V3)DIP2 (F002900-V3)

The Dip2 is an external diplexing unit for combining terrestrial and satellite signals down one coaxial cable.

Price:  £6.40 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

DIP1 (F002900-V1)DIP1 (F002900-V1)

The Dip1 is an internal diplexing unit used for seperating terrestrial and satellite signals.

Price:  £10.25 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Bypass Kit (F007131)Bypass Kit (F007131)

The bypass kit is used in situations where you have an existing distribution system which is not tvLINK compatable.

It will allow you to use ONE tvLINK only, on your system.

Please note: Buying more than one bypass kit will NOT allow you to have more than one tvLINK.

Price:  £13.74 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Cable (P700040)Cable (P700040)

15 metre's of high quality Satellite grade cable, suitable for use with all our products, including 20 cable clips.

Price:  £7.68 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


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