• Fully compatible with the tvLINK® system.
  • Provides unity gain when installing a second Global signal booster/amplifier.
  • F connector fittings for easy installation.
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The AmpADDER is designed to increase the number of outlets available when using Global distribution Amplifiers, as part of an In-Home distribution system.

The AmpADDER is installed between one of the outputs of an existing Global Amplifier or LoftBox, and the input of a second Global Amplifier.

It incorporates a fixed value attenuator to ensure that the second amplifier is not overloaded with excessive signal whilst maintaining the correct return path for the tvLINK®.

When installing a second Global amplifier it MUST be powered using a Global Power Pack (sold separately). This may be done either directly into the second amplifier or via the AmpADDER itself (see system diagram).

download system diagram