• Fully compatible with the tvLINK® system.
  • Combines Satellite, TV, FM, DAB, & CCTV on to one down cable to the living room.
  • TV, FM SAT, VCR, DAB, & CCTV available at each output.
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The Global LoftBox® is an integrated in-home distribution system. Normally located in the Loft, it combines TV, FM, DAB, CCTV and Satellite onto one down cable, feeding to a Global Triplex Plate or an MSWP, in the living room.

The LoftBox® takes a return feed from the living room which would typically come from the RFout2 connector on the back of the Sky digibox, Sky+ or Sky HD set-top box, or from a "Y" splitter.

FM and DAB are diplexed onto the return feed and then distributed to additional points within the house via Global TV/FM diplex plates. Each outlet point is able to receive normal terrestrial TV, FM, DAB, CCTV and the selected Satellite channel.

The LoftBox® fully supports the Infrared control signals from the tvLINK® remote eye back to the Sky digibox.

download system diagram