tvLINK Products


  • Allows complete control of any Sky set-top box.
  • Operates using existing tvLINK®s.
  • Fully compatible with the complete tvLINK® range.
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It is now possible to locate all your Sky set-top boxes in one place and independently control them from other locations within the home.

The new SPC4 (Super Plus Combiner) allows the RF output of up to four Sky set-top boxes to be connected into a home distribution system, with independent control. The four Sky set-top boxes can be any combination of, the standard Sky Digibox, Sky+, or Sky HD, or all the same type, if required.

The user simply allocates the remote control in each room to one of the four set-top boxes connected. Thereafter, that remote control will operate only that set-top box allocated to it. The only constraint is that once a remote control has been programed to operate with one of the set-top boxes, it will not operate any of the other set-top boxes within the system.

download system diagram