• tvM Stand alone modulator, has a SCART type connector with PSU.
  • Converts composite video & audio to UHF.
  • UHF 21-69 channel selectable.
  • Has full tvLINK Plus functionality
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The tvM modulator has been designed to allow a product with only a SCART socket output, such as a DVD or Digital Terrestrial Receiver (DDT or Freeview), to be incorporated within an in-home TV distribution system.

The tvM allows the user to view the SCART output signal from their DVD etc., on any television around the home by incorporating the output from the tvM onto their distribution system.

With TVLINk functionality built in, not only can you see your DVD or DTV unit on another TV but you are able to control it as well by using your existing tvLINK. Please note that this control will be subject to the IR data rate from the remote control being used.

download system diagram