• Fully compatible with the tvLINK® and LoftBox® systems.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Extra plug in modules available for the MSWP.
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The multi-service wallplate (MSWP) is totally compatible with the tvLINK® system and is ideal when installed in conjunction with the LoftBox®. It offers a complete solution to the main location by incorporating the TV,FM and Satellite signals for the input to a Sky set-top box, as well as a telephone point and a UHF connection for the RFout 2 return feed.

The triplex wallplate separates the combined signals into TV, FM & Satellite, signals required by a satellite set-top box.

The TV/FM wall plate is designed to be used at extended locations to separate the combined TV/FM into their respective signals. It will also allow tvLINK® return signals to pass through, back to the Sky set-top box, uninterrupted.

The TV wallplate is designed to be used at extended locations for when there is no FM required.

download system diagram